Headache 😵 (at Royal Melbourne Show)
Nauseating 😨 (at Royal Melbourne Show)
Scary 😱 (at Royal Melbourne Show)
Dizzy  (at Royal Melbourne Show)
Good morning.
Elongated. 👽
I often find myself in a trance. Sometimes I feel as though time is frozen when I sit there and daydream about nothing. But then I realise I’m only wasting just that - time. I occasionally take a moment and stare at people. While I’m eating, as I’m walking or when I’m using public transport. I stare and observe, then I wonder. How are they utilising their time? Some seem  miserable, others content. But mostly, they sit there and stare into nothing. Probably going through a similar type of trance - thinking how much time there is left, where has it all gone, what to do to utilize every second? And it usually always equates to never being enough. I constantly feel so pressured in life, I feel so rushed to grow up and to handle my time accordingly. I feel like I’m jumping into deep waters, where time is my oxygen and I’m quickly running out.