I often find myself in a trance. Sometimes I feel as though time is frozen when I sit there and daydream about nothing. But then I realise I’m only wasting just that - time. I occasionally take a moment and stare at people. While I’m eating, as I’m walking or when I’m using public transport. I stare and observe, then I wonder. How are they utilising their time? Some seem  miserable, others content. But mostly, they sit there and stare into nothing. Probably going through a similar type of trance - thinking how much time there is left, where has it all gone, what to do to utilize every second? And it usually always equates to never being enough. I constantly feel so pressured in life, I feel so rushed to grow up and to handle my time accordingly. I feel like I’m jumping into deep waters, where time is my oxygen and I’m quickly running out. 
Do you have a fear of the unknown?
Chase & Status ft. Major Lazer - Pressure
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1. Johnny Jr Go.
2. 22.
3. Communication Design student.
4. Rice is the main meal, everything else is a side dish.
5. I love, but also hate, fashion.
6. Most people mistake me as superficial, I’m not. 
7. Most people mistake me as super extroverted, I’m not.
8. Most people mistake me as insensitive, I’m not. 
9. Most people mistake me as highly egotistic, I’m not. 
10. My favourite number. 
11. I love to share.
12. I love the people I love. 
13. I love to spoil my family.
14. I love my family. 
15. I don’t like rude people. 
16. I don’t like people who make you feel bad about where you are in life. 
17. I don’t like bullies. 
18. I don’t like people who don’t know how to appreciate. 
19. I am a daydreamer. 
20. I can only be as interesting as the time you invest into knowing me.
Friends buy you lunch. Best friends eat your lunch. #then #now
What if there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel?
If I were a bird, I wouldn’t waste my day sitting on an electrical wire when there is an entire city, state, country and world to explore. ✈✈✈